A new alternative for the smart
urban traveler

GLAD MAPO is the fourth hotel by GLAD,a global hotel chain for smart travelers.We introduce a new category of practical hotels,set apart from overly luxurious hotels and design-focused boutique hotels.

We carefully considered guests’ needs of facilities and laid out spaces accordingly,boldly eliminating unnecessary elements.We avoided bland and dry atmosphere of business hotels,and emphasized friendly and familiar feeling at GLAD MAPO.

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Urban stay
for the smart traveler

For smart travelers

GLAD MAPO proposes a new concept of life-style hotel for peoplewho have extensive experiences with hotels around the world and appreciative of outstanding design and services,people who have discerning eyes, and people who prefer hotels with unique sensibility and practical design.

Comfortable like home

Guests will find our hotel comfortable, enjoy reasonable services and prices, hospitable and friendly staff, and room design that accommodates guests’ personal life-style.

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Located in the business of Seoul

Convenient location for business travelers

GLAD MAPO is 10 minutes by car from CBD (Central Business District) and also Yeouido, a central area of finance and business in Seoul, one of the largest metropolises in Northeast Asia. The hotel is close to Sinchon, which is called Street of Youth and where prestigious universities such as Yonsei University, Sogang University, Ewha Womans University, and Hongik University are located, so it will be a good place for people who want to experience lively Seoul. For various sophisticated domestic and foreign tourists, GLAD MAPO is equipped with stylistic concept coupled with optimum location connecting the bases of culture and business and near Airport Railroad and Seoul Station. It will provide tourists going around Seoul with economical paths and interesting spectacles.

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호텔 침대

GLAD to serve you

Only for you

GLAD MAPO has an elegant ambience without being stuffy or old-style.We try to offer friendly and comfortable services.
We express our gratefulness to guests and try our best to make your stay delightful with comfortable accommodations and agreeable services.

Design Language

Aesthetic aspects

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GLAD MAPO has an outstanding design in and outside the building. Based on the concept of modern and natural design, we added illustrations at various corners of the hotel. Our design delivers witty messages and our staff treats our guests like a friend, to make your stay more comfortable.

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